8 Artists Creating Fun AR Effects for Instagram Stories

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Looking to add some creativity or uniqueness to your Instagram Stories? Then you’ll want to follow these creative artists on Instagram so you can get access to their fun AR effects for Instagram!

Launched just a year ago, Facebook’s Spark AR Studio has proven to be a massive hit with artists and designers, who are using the program to build fun and creative filters for Instagram Stories.

And while we’ve already seen plenty of brands get creative with AR effects, it’s artists and designers who have really pushed the boundaries of the technology.

Plus, thanks to Instagram’s unique system for unlocking new filters (you have to follow the creator first), many of these designers have grown large and engaged audiences on Instagram!

Ready to get inspired and amaze your followers on Instagram? Here are 8 designers creating fun AR effects for Instagram Stories:

AR Effects for Instagram Stories #1: Get Crystalized with  @fcvkrender

A self-taught digital artist based in Montreal, Frederic Duquettes Instagram feed is filled with “sharp architectural geometry, beaming future landscapes, and brilliant crystalline arrangements,” that have attracted the attention of artists like Katy Perry, ILoveMakonnen, 88GLAM, Grimes, and more.  

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PROFITS// Day 1347

A post shared by FVCKRENDER (@fvckrender) on May 2, 2019 at 11:28am PDT

According to an interview with mor.bo, Duquette first got involved with creating AR effects for Instagram Stories after one of his friends submitted an application to Spark AR’s closed beta on his behalf.

Today, he has nearly a dozen AR effects on Instagram, each incorporating his unique style and use of crystals, snakes, and chains. Some of our favorites include SPIRIT//, Self Help, TENSION//, and MULTIPLE.

AR Effects for Instagram Stories #2: It’s Groovy, Baby with @itscovl

D’ana Nunez of COVL (Collections & Volumes) is a South Florida designer who creates bold and colorful effects for Instagram Stories, including her recent “Groovy, baby” filter that pays homage to the psychedelic aesthetic of the ’70s.

According to Nunez, these filters were inspired by a recent trip to Palm Springs and infuse the “vibrant and fun style of COVL with Palm Springs’ history and aesthetic.” 

Nunez also recently partnered with Instagram as the artistic director of their invite-only Desert Chill House at Coachella.

From branded collaborations to once-in-a-lifetime exclusive events, we rounded up our favorite Coachella trends from 2019!

AR Effects for Instagram Stories #3: Get Sparkly with @johwska

An important figure in the modern movement towards futuristic, design-forward AR effects, Berlin-based Johanna Jaskowska is best known for her “Beauty3000,” which went viral and many credit with igniting the recent AR craze on Instagram.

“Beauty3000 triggered something really strong, “Jaskowska said in a recent interview with Facebook. “To be able to cast light on the face, I had to play around with this plastic texture on the Face Mesh. The more I exaggerated this plastic look, the more I was satisfied.”

“When I published it, I was so excited. It just spread everywhere. People recognize me in the street like ‘You’re the face filter girl! It’s a bit strange, but it changed my life.”

Today, Jaskowska has 8 different AR effects available on Instagram, including Blast, IceVen, Odyssey, and TURFU.


AR Effects for Instagram Stories #4: Colorful Cartoons from @tokyyto

A major figure in Spark AR’s creator community, Tomas Posse has created a range of fun and unique AR effects for Instagram Stories, from coats of multi-colored light to whimsically-styled cartoons. 

According to an interview with Spark AR, Posse’s inspiration came when he started exploring AR apps on the iPhone. “I knew AR was a big deal. I saw an ad for Spark AR Studio on Facebook, and I got to work right away with it.”

His first AR effect, which he named “TK2,” offers a selection of different color and was inspired by the work of local Argentinian artists like Lolo Armdz. 

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Spark AR for Instagram to learn how you can incorporate AR into your Instagram marketing strategy! 

AR Effects for Instagram Stories #5: Super Kawaii with @allanberger

Although Allan Berger was only accepted into Facebook’s closed beta of Spark AR Studio in mid-January, the artist with a background in design, software engineering, and motion graphics has already made a big impact on Instagram (and grown a *huge* following) thanks to his unique AR effects.

In an interview with Lenlist, Allan Berger described how quickly his community grew once he started sharing his effects on Instagram. “In January, I had around 2700 people following my account and now it increased to an incredible 50k with traction in the usage of my filters into millions of impressions in just about a month.” 

“And it’s not only my numbers that are going up — they’re growing incredibly among all active filter creators,” he said.

Some of our favorite filters by Berger include Truly Blooms, Diamond Eyes, and Kawaii.

AR Effects for Instagram Stories #6: Geometric Fantasies with @felipepantone

Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone is well-known for his 80s- and 90s-inspired frescoes that have appeared on such walls as the Mesa Contemporary Arts Center and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

But his reputation as a street artist might soon be outdone by his incredible AR effects for Instagram Stories, which incorporate a mixture of graffiti, neon gradients, and geometric abstraction.

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Future ahead #ultrafilter

A post shared by FELIPE PANTONE (@felipepantone) on Mar 31, 2019 at 3:58am PDT

Pantone was recently featured at Facebook’s F8 conference where he described his transition from street art to AR, saying: “My work is shaped like my graffiti, so I can totally apply it onto the filters. I think Spark AR and graffiti fit perfectly — with Spark AR you can express whatever you want on this one tool. It responds in a very immediate, disposable way. And I think it shows people around the world it’s a new canvas to keep making art.”

Today, Pantone has 6 different AR effects on Instagram Stories, including OPTIMCHROMIE, ULTRA, and CHROMADYNAMICA.

AR Effects for Instagram Stories #7: Enter the Future with @liamo.studio

A London-based menswear and graphic designer, Liam O’Neill‘s collection of futuristic “cyborg-esque” AR effects has drawn the attention of thousands of Instagram users from around the world. 

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